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Portsmouth Social Activities

February 24th 2016


The weather outside is frightful, but our Social Programme is so delightful!

It may be cold, it might be raining cats and dogs, and there may be a howling wind, but that can’t stop staff and students at PLC from having fun!
Students at PLC have been enjoying a variety of social activities recently:

Ice-skating was a massive hit! With over 20 people attending, including staff, students and student friends, we braved the wind on the Gosport ferry while enjoying the views of Old Portsmouth and the wonderful Spinnaker Tower. At the ice rink we had a whale of a time helping each other stay on our feet (or skates!), gliding around the rink, falling over, laughing and watching the good ice skaters whizzing by. Afterwards we had a well-needed lunch in the local pub which we wolfed down after all that exercise before we made the journey back.


We’ve also been brushing up on our history – we’ve recently visited the amazing medieval Portchester Castle and enjoyed a tour, looking around and learning about the Saxon Shore. It was very muddy and we looked like drowned rats by the end of the day, but it was definitely worth it!

Love has definitely been in the air with February being the month for love. PLC threw a romantic International Food Party, decorated for Valentine’s Day. Students and staff attended our popular party, tasting food from around the world, playing games led by our Social Organiser, Monica, and having a few drinks, while listening to an eclectic variety of music. What a night!


Our recent bowling competition at the shopping outlet Gunwharf Quays was another fabulous experience, with some students really pulling a rabbit out of a hat and showcasing, to our surprise, their amazing bowling skills! Some of our staff members, though, were like fish out of water and did not do so well!

Our students love our Social Programme here at PLC and would all agree that it is a great way to improve their English while having fun at the same time. It’s a fantastic way to make new friends, students can really come out of their shells and we continue to come up with new ideas to keep our Social Programme as fun, exciting and relevant as we can!

See you at the Pub Night on Friday!

Portsmouth Language College


Animal Expressions

  • To rain cats and dogs: to rain extremely heavily
  • A howling wind: a loud and strong wind (a howl is the sound a wolf makes)
  • A whale of a time: a fantastic time
  • To wolf down: to eat very quickly because you are so hungry
  • To look like a drowned rat: to be wet and cold
  • To pull a rabbit out of a hat: to surprise someone by doing something clever
  • A fish out of water: someone who is not comfortable in a particular situation
  • To come out of your shell: to show the real you by opening up and becoming more comfortable

Other vocabulary

  • To brave: to face an uncomfortable situation
  • To whizz: to move very quickly
  • To brush up on: to improve your knowledge about
  • Eclectic: a diverse range