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4 Brilliant Locations

My favourite thing about the classes is all the things. It is very interesting thing for me as I am learning new words, new vocabulary. Yeah, it’s very good having enjoyment. I would recommend the college to my friends because the people are very nice and there are good facilities with a positive atmosphere.

Ioana - Romania


This is better than I expected. I really love the way the teachers teach, and the school events are brilliant.

Dayadi - Indonesia


TEG not only gives you the opportunity to improve English, but its social programme allows you to put into practice what you learnt. TEG is the most beautiful experience I have done in my life. Here you feel at home thanks to the staff who is always available to help.

Ornella - Italy


My time at TEG Bristol was very interesting. At first, I thought that 1 week, which is how long I studied for, might not be enough. But if you want to improve your English and your skills, you can learn so much here, even in 1 week! Here at TEG, you meet new people from different countries, make friends and have a great time. Everybody should have this experience!

Basile - Switzerland


The best school I have ever been to! The teachers were friendly, the students were lovely, the administration was well organized, and the staff was helpful. I spent two months there and the time went so quickly! In addition to, the content that I studied was very useful and beneficial.

Saleh Kadhem - Bahrain


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School Amenities

4 Fantastic Locations

4 Fantastic Locations

Colleges in Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton & Portsmouth

Flexible Study

Flexible Study

Courses in the Daytime and Evening and part time!

Skilled Teachers

Skilled Teachers

Dedicated and enthusiastic.

Social Activities

Social Activities

Make new friends, have fun, practise your English.

Mixed Nationalities

Mixed Nationalities

Every opportunity to speak English.

British Council Accredited

British Council Accredited

A sign of quality.

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For over 14 years, TEG English schools have provided high-quality language courses, helping students become more confident, capable and coherent in their use of English. Our engaging courses will provide you with key language skills while our lively social programme motivates you to apply these skills in real-life situations.

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