TEG English is becoming ILC

International Language Centres (ILC) is the new name for TEG English

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Meet our Staff

July 13th 2016


Christine Jeffery – DoS and English Language Teacher

Christine has been working in the English Language industry for eight years. She has previously taught in Japan, Hong Kong and various locations in the UK. Christine has a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching and has had formal training on IELTS exams.

“I was born in the Midlands and moved to Winchester to study at University. Whilst there, I had the opportunity to teach in Japan which started my teaching career. I have a passion for making classes fun and personal to the students. I enjoy getting to know them and sharing our culture.”


Steve Carroll – English Language Teacher

Steve is an experienced English teacher with a wide knowledge of the English Education system with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in English. He has worked with the company for two years and has a passion for teaching students about English literature and history.

“I have a passion for teaching English language and literature, and pride myself in being enthusiastic about teaching the subject that I love in the ancient capital of England. I enjoy learning about history and culture, and am also interested in theatre and film. I am a lifelong fan of Southampton Football Club.”


Sue Collinson – English Language Teacher

Sue has an extensive background in ELT with six years teaching experience in the Netherlands and the UK. Sue has previously collaborated and is the co-author of educational books in the Netherlands. A recent member of staff here at WLC who provides fun and interactive lessons to students.

“Having trained originally as a nurse, I specialized in community nursing which meant I worked with people from all walks of life. I loved the opportunities I had for teaching and empowering people, individually and in groups. Moving to the Netherlands with 2 small children, gave me the chance to start a new career in teaching English. Now I am back in the UK I can use the skills I have developed in a new context. It has always given me great pleasure seeing students grow in their knowledge and use of English.”

Sue Collinson 2


Veronique Dumont – French Teacher/English Language Teacher

Veronique is a qualified bilingual teacher from Canada who has been working with the company for over a year. She has worked as a Language teacher in both French and English and recently gained the Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

“My teaching philosophy is student-centered, since I love to involve students as much as possible my classes offer a lot of pair work and I create most of my material as well as using the CEFR’s guidelines. I am passionate about teaching and I always try to go the extra mile to make students feel at ease and to enable them to see their progress as well as meeting their objectives.”

“Ma philosophie de l’enseignement cible la coopération et la participation des élèves puisque je les mets toujours au centre de ma planification. Je suis une personne créative et j’aime concevoir mon propre matériel tout en suivant les directives du CEFR.  Je suis passionnée par l’enseignement et je favorise un climat dans lequel les étudiants puissent suivre leur progression et atteindre leurs objectifs.” WLC Staff Photo Veronique Dumont 0.1

Marta Redero – Spanish Teacher

Marta is a native Spanish speaker who has been working with us since 2015 having previously taught in Spain. She has a confirmed Qualified Teacher Status and currently works with a large school in Hampshire delivering Spanish lessons. Through her career she has taught all ages and levels.

“I am a native teacher from Salamanca.  I am passionate about teaching languages and I like to instil in my students my knowledge and experience to make them love the language and the Hispanic culture. My teaching methods are based on the Communicative Approach. I like to develop creative activities to suit different students’ needs and purposes.”

Marta Redero