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International Language Centres (ILC) is the new name for TEG English

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BRAND NEW! – TEG English Online Learning App

July 31st 2018


Bring TEG English with you – Anywhere Anytime with our Online Learning App

At TEG English, we are always looking for ways to improve how we teach English. Learning in the classroom is important and socialising with your classmates after school is fun and can help you use the language in natural situations but now we are proud to add to this with our TEG English Online Learning App, an innovative way to immerse you in the English learning process.

There are plenty of Apps designed to learn English, however, they are not all effective. So, is the TEG English App different? Keep reading this post and discover for yourself!

What is included on our platform?

The TEG English Online Learning Platform can be used on your desktop or downloaded as an App for your mobile. It contains 350 Grammar, Listening and Reading lessons and we have divided them into different levels to make learning English online easier and give you, the student, more control over how and when you learn.

The site is very easy to use – just click on the lesson that interests you and answer the questions.

Why pick our App?

Learn anytime, anywhere: Sometimes you might feel tired of studying at home. With the TEG English Mobile App, you can bring everything you need with you. Now you will be able to study in a coffee shop, library, park…

Find your language weaknesses: Our App isn’t a standard English course that just shows you the same lessons again and again. Thanks to a cleverly designed system, the App will know where you are struggling the most and will recommend lessons for you. When you have finished the lesson, the site will automatically work out your score. The pass rate is 75% and the platform adds up your scores and gives you an average percentage for Grammar, Listening and Reading.

Any device: Fancy starting one lesson at home with your tablet, but you aren’t sure if you will finish it? No worries, you will be able to start from where you left it, even on another device!

No pressure: You can pause any lesson and continue it at any time. Studying a new language is very exciting, but sometimes can be very tiring. With the TEG English App you won’t feel like there is too much to learn, or too much going on. Take your time and find the best moment for it, as everything will be waiting for you where you left it!

Amazing support team: If you have any problems or difficulties we will be happy to help you with it, just ask a member of the TEG team.

How much does it cost?

Once you sign in, you have six months access and can use it as many times as you like. It costs £30 and you can buy it at the same time as booking your TEG English course or independently just for you.

Watch this space!

Interested in our TEG English Online Learning App? Well watch our Instagram and Facebook this week for your chance to win a 6 month subscription!