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Best Podcasts to Help you Learn English

July 10th 2018


Best podcasts for learning English

Are you already in the UK, but still don’t understand everything British people say? Or maybe you are in your country and want to keep improving your listening skills? The answer is… podcasts!

You can listen to them on your way to work or school, when you relax at home, or even when you’re cleaning or cooking. ???? Here are a few podcasts (recommended by TEG teachers!) to help you practise listening comprehension in a fun way.

Nice and easy

6-minute English by BBC World Service

This popular podcast from BBC Learning English, prepared especially for students, is prepared especially for students in the form of a short conversation between two presenters on a current issue. Some recent topics include “Internet – good or bad?” and “Are you excited about the World Cup?”. There is also an app with the same name you can try, and a podcast called 6 minute grammar.

The English We Speak by BBC World Service

Also short (3-4 minutes), this podcast explains common English expressions or slang. There’s a new episode every Tuesday! BBC World Service produces a few more podcasts too, so check them out if you’re interested in other topics.

Various levels

TED Talks Daily by TED

You might already know the TED website with short videos on all kinds of topics. The podcast is similar: it gives you free access to short talks on “everything from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology” recorded by specialists on each subject.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

These short stories about famous women are read by a different voice actor each time. They are both interesting and inspiring!

Challenge yourself

Global Pillage

This podcast is in fact a quiz show about incredible idioms, customs and cultures from around the world. There are two teams of comedians, and the live audience in the studio plays as well! Each episode is about 40 minutes long.

IELTS Podcast by Ben Worthington

About 20 to 25 minutes in length, this podcast is full of advice about preparing for the IELTS exam. Each episode targets a common problem of IELTS students, such as “Why can’t I say what is in my mind?” or “How to correct your IELTS essay writing”.

These are just a few of hundreds and hundreds of podcasts out there. Remember: choose a podcast that is right for your level, and on a topic that really interests you! And if the first one you try isn’t your thing, keep looking for the perfect podcast for you.