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5 Useful Websites to Aid English Language Learning

February 24th 2016


The below links are useful self-study websites for you to use to focus on different language skills. Each link has information on how it can help and what skills they work on. To best use these links target your weakest skills to keep your language learning progressing.



Listening and vocabulary practice for all levels with British English, American English, Canadian English and Australian English!

On this website you can improve your listening skills whilst enjoying yourself! Find a song you like that suits your skill by looking at the colour, green for easy, orange for intermediate and red for hard. Once you find a song at the right level for you, you can then choose the game mode for how many words you will need to listen for. Once the song starts playing you can read along with the song and complete the gapped text. Each dot is a letter and if you don’t hear it first time, don’t worry, you can hear it again by pressing the ‘back-space’ key. This website not only helps your listening but your spelling, knowledge of grammar concepts and prediction abilities. A class favourite and a personal favourite!



A wide choice of materials for intermediate to advanced students to choose from. The resources available cover all basic skills with extra sections for business English and skills and tips for IELTS.

This website has materials on news, popular culture and also has a section for interactive games, which focus mainly on vocabulary. There is a wide range of lessons for students to choose from and videos to accompany them. Students can combine learning English with learning culture as the materials include historical facts from around the world, culture from around the UK and famous literary works.



A great vocabulary game for an upper-intermediate or advanced language learner.

When you are in class and a teacher is defining a word, listen closely. A skill you need to develop in a foreign language is learning how to explain what you mean when you don’t have the vocabulary itself. One way of doing this is by giving a meaning of what you are trying to say. This website tests your ability to know vocabulary through reading the meaning. The game has three levels of difficulty and rewards you on a points based system. When you play the game it will give you a dictionary definition of a word for you to guess, though be quick as you’re being timed!



Intermediate to upper-intermediate students can access series of lessons following specific topics building vocabulary and grammar.

On this website you can choose your language ability then be given a series of sessions you can progress through or choose from to learn new materials or strengthen knowledge. The sessions contain short videos, grammar explanations and grammar and vocabulary activities for you to work through at your own pace. This is a great resource for learners, produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).



If you are looking for a good dictionary, this would be my top choice online. This website is easy to use, clear and concise. On their website you can find links to their YouTube videos on vocabulary, grammar and much more, language games, blog, buzz words and thesaurus. If you find their website useful and are looking to improve your pronunciation, they also have Sounds: The Pronunciation App as another helpful tool to improve your language learning.

The resources are all out there for you to use, a teacher can only take you so far:

What makes up an anthill is the effort and order of determined and organised termites.


Top 5 Useful Websites to Aid English Language Learning, by Christine Jeffery, DOS of Winchester Language College.