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Support and Care for under 18s

At ILC we care for each individual and we want your child to get the most out of their studies and student life. We are here to help you before your child arrives in the UK, support them during their stay, and offer advice when they leave. We also offer general support and advice on living in the UK.

ILC has a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff – particularly students under the age of 18. On this page you can find out how we care for students under the age of 18, our responsibilities as a college as well as useful information for your child’s stay in the UK. If you have any further questions, please email us and we will be happy to help.

Group bookings may have different rules – please contact us for further information.

What permissions do I have to sign?

When applying for a course for a student under 18, the student/parent/guardian will be asked to fill in and sign an age specific application form (Under 16s or 16s-17s Application Form). This form includes ‘Parental Permission for students under 18 years old and Medical Information Form’. This gives the parent or guardian detailed information regarding our attendance policy, supervision, curfews and rules for under 18s after classes. It asks the parent or guardian to give medical information for the student, pick up and drop off permission and consent for travel. This application form also includes the out of hours emergency telephone number, which can be found on the student’s card too.

What supervision will you give to my child?

ILC does not provide 24-hour supervision and students may be unsupervised outside of lesson and activity times. Individuals will travel between homestays and the college unsupervised. For students under the age of 16 our prices include classes from 9.30 to 12.45 and afternoon activities from 2 to 4 pm. From 9.30 to 4pm, these students will be supervised by a member of staff and are not allowed to leave the college building.

What happens if my child is travelling and staying alone in the UK?

Individual students under the age of 16 must stay with a family member or with a homestay provided by the college. If the student is staying in the UK without a family member nearby, a suitable guardian will need to be found by their parents.

What accommodation do you have available for my child?

Children under 18 can stay in homestay accommodation with meals. This means they will be provided with breakfast, a packed lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the weekend. All our homestay providers we use for under 18s have been fully inspected by the College and are chosen for the care and attention they can give to our young students and the main provider has been DBS checked.

I want my child to stay with a relative. Is this possible?

Yes, however we would need you to complete their details on our application form and give permission for them to be an assigned guardian to your child during their stay in the UK.

Who will support my child?

All of our friendly members of staff are responsible for the welfare of your child and we encourage our students to speak to us as soon as there is a problem. There are many people at the college who will help your child while they are studying with us. These include:
Welfare Officer
The Welfare Officer is there to help with day to day problems that they may have as well as courses of study, visa requirements, homestay questions, health issues, account queries and parental enquiries. If your child is feeling unhappy or homesick, we encourage them to talk to the welfare officer.
Each student is assigned to a class which they will stay with during their time at our college. All members of staff have a DBS check and receive regular training in safeguarding and teaching. Our teachers help to provide a safe and happy environment for your child and are friendly.

What classes will my child study in?

Individual students between the ages of 16 and 17 will study in classes with adults. Students between the ages of 9 and 15 will study in Junior classes.

What support will you give for my child’s English learning?

In addition to our quality English courses, each student enrolled at TEG has access to the following English Learning support:

  • A free range of books and DVDs are available to borrow in our college library. Many books are graded for your level and also some which include audio CDs.
  • Regular interviews with students to ensure that they are happy, well cared for and making good progress. Regular feedback from students using the following; First week Feedback, Mid-term Feedback, End of course Feedback.
  • Students receiving regular communication and progress tests from the college so they can see their progress.
  • Additional hours of language learning support depending upon student needs

How can my child have fun and make friends?

Our lessons are planned not only to improve your child’s English but are also fun. In addition to this, we have a varied and exciting social programme for your child to join.

  • For students aged 16 and 17, we encourage them to take part in our adult social programme. This includes being involved in numerous activities offered in and out of the College premises:
    • Day trips to the wonderful British towns and cities, such as Cardiff, Chichester, Bournemouth, Bath, Oxford, Brighton and London (depending on branch proximity)
    • Walking in the countryside
    • Special events/parties at Christmas and Halloween/Valentine also organise International Food party
    • Museum trips
    • Sport activities
    • Cinema and Bowling nights
    • Laser tag

Please check and find out more about great places to spend your free time. For more details, please see Facebook. (These activities are not included in the course price – some activities are free and any other prices can be found on our Social Programme Page.)

  • For students aged 9 to 15, we provide a range of fun afternoon activities included in the course price. These are from Monday to Friday from 13.30-16.00 and include activities such as scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, sport, competitions and city visits.

What happens if my child does not go to school?

Students must attend all classes. The school has a strict attendance policy. Students can be absent only if they are unwell. If this happens, the student or their host provider must contact the school as soon as possible on the day of the illness and the group leader/guardian would be asked to take the child to a doctor/hospital if necessary.

What UK laws are important for under 18s?

Under 18s are not allowed to buy alcohol or tobacco. Under 16s are not allowed to drive. Safety and rules are printed on our First Day leaflet, please read this carefully.

What should my child pack in their suitcase?

  • The weather in the UK is unpredictable, so it’s not easy to know what clothes to pack. Choose a coat that will keep them warm and dry in all weather, although they can also bring a separate, lighter raincoat for those spring showers. Bring gloves, a scarf and a warm hat.
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Waterproof shoes for rainy days.
  • Jeans. A good, comfortable pair of jeans. Jumpers (sweaters), cardigans or hoodies. A woolly cardigan and a big thick scarf.
  • Bring an umbrella!
  • For more details, check online just before you leave, to find out what the weather is like where you will be studying.

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