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International Language Centres (ILC) is the new name for TEG English

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10 Top Tips To Remember Vocabulary

When you first start your English course at TEG, it may be a bit overwhelming and you may not know how you will learn...

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BRAND NEW! – TEG English Online Learning App

Bring TEG English with you – Anywhere Anytime with our Online Learning App At TEG English, we are always looking for ways to improve...

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Best Podcasts to Help you Learn English

Best podcasts for learning English Are you already in the UK, but still don’t understand everything British people say? Or maybe you are in...

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8 Fantastic Festivals to Experience in the UK

At TEG English we encourage our students to make the most their time in the UK. During the summer, we Brits really know how...

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5 Strange Things About Living in the UK

Peter Bodri, DoS from TEG English Southampton, tells us what he finds strange about living in the UK. He is originally from Hungary and...

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Reading Skills: 5 Great Novels to Improve your English

Do you want to improve your English by reading but do not know which book to choose? Sometimes the story is too difficult to...

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Learn English in Bristol – Welcome to TEG English Bristol!

Starting a language course and moving to a new country can make even the most adventurous person a little nervous… So here’s what to...

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Studying In The UK: Top 10 things to put in your suitcase

Whether you have travelled one hour from France or 7 hours from Saudi Arabia, the main things that you need to put in your...

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Manners Maketh Man – How important is politeness in the UK?

One of the best words that would describe British culture is politeness. But, how important is it in the UK? Here you will find...

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How to learn Phrasal Verbs: Keep a Phrasal Verb Diary

Phrasal verbs – every English student has been confused by them at one point or another! One way to memorise them is to learn...

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Essential Cambridge Exam Tips

Are you doing a Cambridge English Examination in March? Exam nerves getting you down? Alina, Manager at our Cambridge Exam Centre in Portsmouth, has...

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6 Reasons Why You Will Love TEG English Lessons

Learning English is easy right! Just go to the UK, attend lessons and after a few months it’s all done! But let’s be honest,...

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