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Winter is coming… No way, winter is here! 2nd December 2016

December 2nd 2016


I’m sure you will have noticed that there has been a chill in the air over the past few days. Despite the fact that we didn’t have much of a heatwave over the summer it is fair to say that we’ve been experiencing a cold spell over the last couple of days. Don’t worry though, you aren’t about to get frostbite; average December temperatures reach highs of 8⁰C and lows of 1⁰C, not as bitterly cold as you might have expected! Still feeling the cold? Well, there are many ways to ward it off. Firstly, a woolly jumper is a must; the thicker and cosier the better. Secondly, why not invest in a hot water bottle? Perfect for those chilly evenings when you’re sat at home doing your FCE homework! Thirdly, mittens* or gloves or gloves or mittens. The choice is yours but make sure you have one or the other; they will come in useful on your walk to the college.

Of course, a British winter would not be complete without a little rain. It has been argued that the Inuit people have 50 different words for snow but the British can’t be far behind with our words to describe the rain! Here are a few, just to give you the idea:

  • To drizzle – a very light rain.
  • To pour – to rain heavily. Umbrellas at the ready.
  • To chuck it down – to rain a lot, by a lot I mean a lot!
  • To rain cats and dogs – to rain heavily. Probably one of the less common phrases that we use.

Finally, in order to be truly British, you must talk about the weather at every opportunity and complain about it all the time, even though you cannot change it!

Wrap up warm and embrace the winter!

*Mittens – hand coverings that enclose the four fingers together and the thumb separately.