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What is Movember?

November 1st 2018


Movember – join the cause!

Do you know why each year in November thousands of men around the world grow their moustaches? That’s because November is Movember!

What is Movember?

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Ich hab ja mit dem analogen Notizen aufschreiben (Neudeutsch auch gerne Bulletjournal genannt). gerade erst wieder begonnen und bin aus gutem Grund kein Illustrator geworden. Aber ein bisschen hübsch machen will ich es schon. So richtig scheiße ist es nicht, glaube ich. Mal schauen, wie sich das über die Zeit entwickelt. #bulletjournal #movember

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The Movember Foundation is a non-government organisation with a worthy cause: its aim is to help men around the world live longer, healthier and happier lives by raising money as well as awareness about the most serious men’s health problems. According to statistics, men are less likely than women to go to the doctor when they experience medical issues, less likely to talk about feeling low or depressed, and less likely to prevent diseases. The yearly month of men’s health awareness, Movember (November with an “M” for “man” and “moustache”), is a chance to change this.

Movember events have been organised since 2004 – at first in Australia and New Zealand, but these days you can participate in various activities and challenges in numerous countries around the world, including the UK. This creates opportunities for people to openly talk about men’s health (especially prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention) and to create a culture in which it is not ignored.

Why moustache?

There are many ways to join in. Every year a few million people (and the number is higher every year!) participate in events in their cities, schools, universities and workplaces. Some run or walk 60 km throughout the month (to represent 60 men who die of suicide each month), others bring homemade cakes to a local bake sale, with all profits going to the Movember charity. Many men grow a moustache – it’s simple and completely free, and the idea is to start a conversation about Movember. If someone asks “Why have you started growing a moustache?”, they can then say, “It’s for Movember!” and tell them all about the organisation and its activities. Many celebrities join in every year – check out the hashtag #Movember on Instagram or Twitter. They look pretty good too!

The moustache has now become the symbol of Movember, and its slogan is “Stopping men dying too young”. The official website, https://uk.movember.com/, is full of ideas, and if you sign up for one of the challenges you become a part of the Movember community and get encouragement, updates and support.

What is TEG doing this year?

A few of our staff are going to start growing a moustache for a month! Check out our social media to see who it is. We will post photos of their clean-shaven faces at the beginning of the month, and again with a full tash thirty days later… In the meantime, we will keep you updated on their progress and throw in some interesting facts related to men’s health and Movember around the world. We will also have events in all the branches of TEG to promote it and raise some money. Watch this space!

How can I join in?

You can grow a moustache, of course! If you can’t or don’t want to, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways. Join our TEG English Mo Team, take part in TEG events, follow us on social media to get information, and if you can put a little money in the collecting tins at the reception desks. Most importantly, you can talk to others about the importance of men’s health and encourage your brothers, fathers, boyfriends, husbands, and male friends or co-workers to look after their health so they can stay happy and healthy.