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Studying In The UK: Top 10 things to put in your suitcase

April 17th 2018


Top 10 things to put in your suitcase

Whether you have travelled one hour from France or 7 hours from Saudi Arabia, the main things that you need to put in your suitcase are the same.

The United Kingdom can seem strange and different the first time you get off the aeroplane. You will look out of the rain-covered plane window and hope you have packed everything you need. To help you, we have made an easy guide of the top ten things to put in your suitcase!

1. Dictionary/Phrase book

This is the first and most important item in your suitcase. Try to have a look before you leave home – remembering the key phrases you might need at the airport: ‘Where is the bus station?”, “How much is that?” and “Thank you very much”. Always try to make a note of new words that you discover.


A good example of a phrase book!

2. Guidebook for your new city

The streets look different and the café is nowhere to be seen. You don’t know where the best restaurant is and what time the local shops are open. Panic not, all you need is a guidebook for your chosen city and the surrounding areas. These will give you all the information that you need from pubs to museums.

3. UK Power socket/travel adapter

Like everything in the UK, our sockets are different from any other country. So, if you want to send photos back home or FaceTime your family, make sure you keep your gadgets charged with your travel adapter.

4. Raincoat/umbrella

We still have fun in the rain at TEG!

As you know by now, British weather is not for everyone, and with 4 seasons in a day who can blame you. Although we do have a summer (some years), the weather can change quickly so it’s better to be safe than sorry – put an umbrella in your suitcase.

5. UK Currency

If you want to buy your souvenirs and gifts to remember your amazing time here both in the UK and at the TEG schools, don’t forget to change your money into English pounds and pence. Remember to spend it wisely though. Small coins will be needed when you land.

6. Passport

This may seem obvious, but it is a common mistake for many people to forget their passport. They only realise it when they get the to the airport with only 20 minutes until the plane leaves. So, make sure you are not one of these people. Maybe make a copy and keep it somewhere separate from your passport in your suitcase in case of any problems.

7. Portable charger

No doubt you will want to capture every British thing you see but your battery will not last the whole day. So, remember to carry a small portable charger and you can keep those memories alive.

8. Small first aid kit:

Just in case of emergencies when you are out of the college – we have first aiders in every TEG English College – pack a touch, a few plasters, paracetamol and hand sanitizer for example.

9. Mobile phone/memory card

Again, another obvious one but this can be your lifeline when you need to contact family and friends in your home country or your new friends in your TEG school. You will join our WhatsApp group (for over 18s) and keep up to date with our daily social activities. Also, you can take thousands of photos and videos, of your new adventure and send them back to your family and friends to make them jealous of your amazing time.

10. A list of all emergency contacts

Be prepared! As well as having all the information you need on your phone, (embassy number, accommodation details, emergency services, and details of the school) have these written down on a separate piece of paper and keep this with you at all times. Just think if your phone dies, what will you do?

Above all, the main thing to remember is to pack your enthusiasm, and willingness to learn!

Emma @TEGEnglishSouthampton