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Top 10 fun things to do at home

April 10th 2020

TEG English

Top 10 fun things to do at home

Usually, our busy lives don’t allow us to do certain things, but the current situation gives us the opportunity to slow down and spend more time to do things we wouldn’t do otherwise. There are unlimited possibilities to make the most of your time at home! Here you will find our top 10 fun things to do at home that will definitely help you to make the most of the quarantine time!

Make sure you read them all as we have a special tip at the end that you can apply to any plan you do!

1- Stay active

Get up every morning with an objective in mind and enjoy achieving it. This is the first step to feel that you are progressing even if you need to stay at home.

A good way to be active is to keep doing exercise, don’t let the quarantine be an excuse to not do so! There are plenty of resources online to do exercise without any equipment.

Here are our recommended resources, but feel free to find your own!

2- Spend time with your loved ones

This is the perfect moment to enjoy with your friends and family. Even having a beverage on an extended chat is more special.

If you miss someone that is not in your household, make the most of technology and quickly set up an online communication system to keep in touch. We recommend using Zoom or Skype (if you are connecting with more than one person at the same time). Don’t be limited to just having a chat, be creative and try to do more things together. These programmes allow you to watch a movie together sharing your screen, play video games, or simply be in touch while you read or do something. It will be like they are there living with you!

Running out of ideas? See this list with many interesting activities you can do by Skype or Zoom with your family/friends!

3- Enjoy the company of your furry friends

Do you have pets? Make the most of this time to do different things with them. You will surely find a special activity to do together that you both enjoy.

If you have a creative mind, you can even build your own agility competition at home! Are you up to the challenge?

There are many videos online to help you out with ideas and tutorials, we recommend you build agility jumps following the instructions of this video.

4- Redecorate your house

Since you will be spending a lot of time at home, why don’t you give it a fresh look? We strongly recommend using only whatever you have at home. Don’t go out to just buy paint, it’s time to be creative!

Either change the colour of your walls, or rearrange the furniture in any room you like to spend time in. This is an incredibly useful way to give your house a twist and not be overwhelmed by spending too much time there.

If you need some help to think how can you do it, take a look at this list with many apps to help you out.

5- Cook

Sometimes cooking is quite tedious, even if you enjoy it a lot, you need to find quick and easy recipes that allows you to eat healthy at work. But now you have the perfect opportunity to experiment and spend time in the kitchen.

We recommend you take a look at Tasty’s Youtube channel, you will surely find something that you like. They have an unlimited number of recipes and very well explained!

Are you up for a challenge? Try to create an innovative dish with what you have in your fridge only. You might create the new trendy recipe!

6- Watch films and TV shows

Have you got long films that you never have time to watch? Now is the time! Gather your loved ones and some snacks and enjoy your cinema session at home!

Platforms like Netflix are also releasing many TV shows to keep you busy for a while. You might even go over one you have already watch.

We recommend creating an event out of this activity, watch something with someone and afterwards talk about it. There are many resources or guides online for each title, as in questions that you can try to ask each other. This will be much more entertaining than just watching the movie or TV show!

An alternative is to play a movie quiz at home! Feeling like not organising one? Grab one of these!

7- Crafts

There aren’t many things more satisfying that create useful crafts out of things we have at home (and probably don’t use!). Now is the perfect moment to light your creativity bulb and create interesting objects with unusual materials.

Do you need some ideas? Try to spot broken objects in your house, like a loose tap of batteries in a controller, or a broken chair and start the creative process of fixing it with what you have already at home. Still lost? Take a look at 5-minute crafts YouTube channel, they offer unlimited crafts with very common materials!

8- Board games

Gather some snacks, drinks, and some boardgames to have an amazing evening plan set up. This is an incredible alternative to do something together and have plenty of fun. Some boardgames will even allow you to add players via skype, the more the merrier!

If you don’t have boardgames, or you fancy playing with people that are not living with you, try Tabletopia. This website contains more than 100 boardgames optimised to be played online. Most of them are free up to two players, so why don’t give it a try? Remember to connect also with skype or zoom and you won’t even realised you are not on the same place!

9- Learn a new skill

Start learning a new skill and get good at it! Sometimes we think that you need certain materials or gadgets to learn something new. But truth is you don’t! Start trying to do some juggling with objects you have at home, drawing, writing a book, singing, beatboxing… the possibilities are unlimited, you just need to focus on something you like a lot!

Remember that the key is to have fun. Record yourself and see the improvement from the first day! Who know, you might be the next star in a talent show!

10- Read

Our last recommendation in our top 10 fun things to do at home is to spare some time to be immersed in a new book. You can read again something you already read before or try something new. Most books have digital versions that you can download online.

We recommend talking about what you have read with someone, this also helps to have more fun and let others know about the book and what is about, they might also be interested to read it with you!

TEG English tip

Our main recommendation is that you never leave your English behind! A language can be forgotten if you don’t practise it consistently. But the good news is that any of the plans in our top 10 fun things to do at home can be done in English. Try to play boardgames with a friend by skype but only speaking in English, or read a book in English, maybe you want to try a new recipe, try to follow the steps in English. It’s that easy, and it will help you to keep and improve your level.

Still not sure how you can practise your English? Check out our top 5 websites list to improve your English.

We will be soon open again to help you achieve your English goals as usual, but until then, stay safe!