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How Socialising can Improve your English

October 11th 2017



Learning in the classroom is obviously important, but some students say that in the real world, they have difficulty speaking to English speakers and being understood by them, even if they are at a high level. In this blog we will show you how socialising is very important if you want to improve your English further.

Join the TEG English Social Programme

For over 10 years we have recognised the importance of socialising to improving your English. This is why, every week, we plan a range of activities in Bristol, Cardiff, Portsmouth and Southampton to help you practice your English as well as allowing you to meet new people and make new friends from around the world. Activities during the week range from being free to £20, so they are affordable for everyone. Our Social Organisers will take you to a Cafe, the cinema, Laser Quest or Bowling, and maybe even a Pub! Which brings us to the topic of drinking…

Have a drink…of coffee?

TEG Coffee

Maybe you’ve heard people say they speak better English when they’ve had a beer? Could this be because of the effects of alcohol? Or maybe would the same be true of activities like conversation clubs where a cup of coffee would be the typical drink of choice?

Stephen Krashen, an expert on language acquisition, believes that you learn best when you are/have:

  1. Interested in what you are talking about
  2. In a low-anxiety environment
  3. High self-esteem

So, can relaxing in a pub or café help with these three points? Well…

  1. Even without the help of alcohol, you may feel more able to talk about issues that you didn’t feel comfortable with in class. Plus, social events are a great opportunity to get to know more about the cultures of your classmates.
  2. Sitting around a table in a calming atmosphere can feel less pressurised than in the classroom. Also, the background noise can take away the feeling that everyone in the whole place is listening to you.
  3. When you’re comfortable and relaxed you will inevitably feel more confident. This means you are more likely to start conversations and give your opinions. It also feels good when you can express your opinion in English.

Of course, we don’t suggest you go to the pub every night! But certainly attending the weekly social activities at TEG English will give you a great opportunity to practice your new vocabulary in the perfect setting – and all of it in English!

A time to relax

If you are studying a preparation course such as for the FCE, CAE or IELTS exams, a day trip or an afternoon coffee can be a well-deserved break from worrying about grades. At the same time, you can meet other students and help each other with recently learned grammar tips and vocabulary.

Don’t feel you have enough English to socialise?

Communication Skills

Don’t worry, our Conversation Skills classes will give you the necessary vocabulary and confidence you need to communicate well in everyday situations. Our teachers use roleplays and dialogues to help you have practice of the situations like going to the gym, socialising at a party and asking for a drink in a cafe.

You will improve your speaking confidence in a short amount of time – contact us for a free trial!


Written by our team at TEG Cardiff!