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Red Nose Day at TEG Southampton

March 23rd 2017


What is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day has been a nationally celebrated day in the UK since 1988 and is a day when people all over the country get together to ‘do something funny for money’. Fundraising events include activities such as fun runs, charity auctions, and fancy dress days in schools. The idea is to raise money for people in need – both in the UK and abroad – by doing something fun!

What is TEG Southampton doing to contribute?

This year, we have asked our wonderful students to have a go at being the teachers for the afternoon – and we have had some brilliant volunteers! Between 2pm-5pm on Friday 24th March, our students will be teaching a wide variety of subjects from body language to folk dance. Staff and students will be asked to donate money for each class they attend with the suggested amount being between 50p and £1, but everyone involved is welcome to donate as much or as little as they choose.

As well as the brilliant lessons, some of our students are going to bring in cakes and treats that we can sell to raise a bit more money. It is safe to say that we are all very much looking forward to seeing what they cook up for Red Nose Day!

Where does the money go?

All of the money raised will be sent off to the organisers of Red Nose Day, in collaboration with Comic Relief. Comic Relief then spends all of the money raised on brilliant projects aiming to help improve the lives of people in the UK, and in Africa. Examples of the projects supported by Red Nose Day help such people as victims of domestic abuse, and people living in areas affected by malaria.

For more information on how the money raised will be spent, have a look at the official Red Nose Day website: https://www.rednoseday.com/the-difference-you-make


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Useful vocabulary:

Fundraise: to raise money for a charity.

Charity: an organisation which collects money to help people in need.

Auction: a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest buyer.

Fancy dress: an unusual or amusing costume worn to a social event.

Raise money: to collect money for different purposes.

Donation: something that is given to a charity.

Fun run: an uncompetitive run, especially for sponsored runners in support of a charity.