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QUIZLET! 29th march 2016

March 29th 2016





Are you tired of the same old boring websites to practise your English? Are you bored of searching and searching for fun activities to prepare for an English exam like IELTS or FCE? Then QUIZLET is the place for you to be!

QUIZLET is a great website which I have been using for years, both for my own exam preparation and encouraging my students to use it. Whether you want to test yourself, play a game or learn new words, you can find it all here.

This website is international, and on the homepage you can see who is studying what around the world at that exact time. For example, the last time I logged on I saw that Bloomer from Wisconsin was studying about African History!

There are loads of the games you can play. You just type in what you want to study and which level. For example, type in ‘prepositions’ and ‘easy’. Then you click on ‘Gravity’ (which is the name of the game) and you can start. It shows you your score as you go along and gives you an expression with a preposition missing which floats down from the top of the screen. Be careful- you only have a limited amount of time before the expression disappears, though!

You can also click on the flashcards tool which is a great way to revise before an exam. You might want to choose, say, a CAE collocations exercise. It is designed to test yourself, so you read the card, try to complete it, then press ‘Flip’ to see the answer on the other side.

To practise your listening and spelling skills, you simply ‘type what you hear’. Click on ‘Speller’ and it will lead you there. You could choose the topic ‘Body Parts’, for example, which you put in the search box, and you’re ready for your dictation.

Another fun game is ‘Scatter’. As with all the previous activities, you type in the topic you want (for example, ‘animals’) and click ‘Scatter’. The game has a timer to see how quickly you can match the words with the pictures or definitions depending on the topic you have chosen.

Finally, you can test yourself by, again, typing in what you want to study, for example, the past simple, and you can type the answers in the box. You can try as many times as you like and you don’t even need to lift a pen!!

So, I hope you enjoy trying this website out as much as I do, and, when you get used to it, you could even prepare your own study tools and upload them for others to use in the same way.

See below for an example of the ‘Gravity game’.

Lauren Suraci, ADOS at PLC