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Events in the UK in 2018: Be a part of it!

Apart from traditional holidays and occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas, there are plenty of events in the UK this year. From...

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Christmas Traditions in the UK

Christmas traditions The nights are longer, the days are shorter, and the weather is turning cold. This can only mean one thing! Christmas is...

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Life as a TEG English Cardiff Student

Meet Hamza Hamza is 29 and from Italy. He was our first student in TEG English Cardiff and has been studying there for almost...

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Halloween Traditions in the UK

Do you enjoy scaring people? Do you enjoy wearing a costume or fancy dress? Well, Halloween is the festival for you. History Halloween or...

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Understanding Pompey Dialect: How people in Portsmouth really speak

So, you arrive in England, sure about your level of English. You listen to films and feel you understand English very well. Then you...

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How Socialising can Improve your English

Learning in the classroom is obviously important, but some students say that in the real world, they have difficulty speaking to English speakers and...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Note Taking

Note Taking is a very important part of learning English. On your English Course, a tidy and well organised notebook will help you remember...

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The Origins of 5 Traditional English Meals – 3 – Roast Dinner

It is Sunday, so time for a Roast Dinner! It is no wonder that the French call us ‘rosbifs’! Today we are going to...

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The Origins of 5 Traditional English Meals – 2 – Fish ‘n’ Chips

It’s Fish and Chip Friday! There’s nothing better than the smell on a Friday! Freshly fried Fish and Chips, with salt and vinegar on...

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The Origins of 5 Traditional English Meals – 1 – The Full English Breakfast

The traditional English breakfast or the ‘fry-up’ is considered by many as a ‘national institution’ – as important as The Queen and Tea! What...

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What type of learner are you?

Knowing what type of learner you are, will make you a better student. Do you sometimes go into a classroom and feel that you...

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The Opening of TEG English Cardiff!

BRAND NEW FOR 2017! TEG English is excited to announce the opening of TEG English Cardiff! To celebrate this new addition to TEG English...

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