TEG English is becoming ILC

International Language Centres (ILC) is the new name for TEG English

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Learn English with TEG English Online Lessons

April 30th 2019

TEG English

We all have very busy lives – studying, building a career, having a family…and finding the time to learn English is sometimes impossible. Not all of us can travel to the UK for 3 months! Well, don’t worry! You can learn English with TEG English online lessons!

What is the problem with other ways of learning English online?

There are many options to help you learn English Online. There are many websites and apps that can help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. Have you ever tried to learn English at home with apps like Duolingo or Babbel, or blogs? If you did, I bet you didn’t feel like you made any progress.  It’s usually very impersonal and apps can’t answer your specific questions or give you correction for your pronunciation.

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Why choose online lessons with TEG English?

The answer is very straight forward… PROGRESS.

With a qualified English teacher, you can:

  • Do an English level test and a personal evaluation of your English.
  • Focus on the aspects of English that you need the most.
  • Have your own calendar, scheduling your lessons whenever is convenient for you.
  • Recieve direct feedback on your spoken English – helping you to improve your pronunciation.
  • Get personal advice that will really help you understand the language and improve using it.
  • Build personal objectives to be met from lesson to lesson.
  • Ask questions you may have when studying.

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What more can I do to help improve my English?

Having English lessons online is great but, in the same way as when having face to face lessons in the UK, you need to use your English! There are many options for you and here is a small selection of ideas:

  • Look online, maybe you can find some local language-exchange meetings in your city. In some parts of the world you can find Irish Pubs or public places where people go practice English, or your mother tongue. This is the perfect chance to use everything you learnt with your teacher.
  • Use your social media to interact in English – find groups on Facebook where you can communicate with other students who want to learn English. Maybe start following our Facebook page to learn interesting facts about English!
  • The best possible idea is…come and study English with us in the UK!

I want to start my online lessons with TEG English

At TEG English we offer extremely competitive prices for our online classes. Check here our prices and offers and start learning English now!