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Meet the Teachers at PLC 27th May 2016

May 27th 2016


Always wanted to know more about your teachers? Well, here is the first part of our ‘Meet the Teachers at Portsmouth Language College’ blog…

Let’s start with Monica.

Monica, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Monica Savage and I’ve been teaching in the UK since 2006 and I am the Social Organiser at Portsmouth Language College.  I’ve always wanted to teach because I actually love studying so I want to pass that on to my students. I studied English Language and Linguistics at Roehampton University in London and then I did a Masters in TESOL in York. I’m engaged to George who is a Systems Engineer and we are getting married very soon in Cyprus!

How did you get into teaching and what do you like about it?

I first taught English in Cyprus before the UK and the thing I love about teaching is seeing my students’ progress. It is so satisfying to know that you are helping someone develop themselves and possibly helping them achieve their goals like getting a job which they need English for. I really enjoy teaching grammar. It is the foundation of learning a language and without it students cannot build up their confidence, development and abilities. Also, it is generally quite structured and I’m someone who likes organisation! I also love organising the social programme at Portsmouth Language College, too, as it means I can spend time with the students in a more social situation and really immerse them in the British culture.

What do you like doing in your free time?

Something a lot of my students will notice is that I love nail art. I always have painted nails. In my spare time I like to paint my friends’ nails and decorate them with jewels and stickers. I find it relaxing and I even have nail varnishes that change colour depending on your body temperature.

And next, Michelle.

Michelle, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Michelle. I have two brothers and I am an auntie to two nephews and three nieces, which I love. In my spare time I love reading books, going to the theatre and travelling. I also love writing stories and I would like to be published one day.

I come from Portchester which is a small town near Portsmouth. Portchester has a wonderful castle which is a great place to visit.

How did you get into teaching and what do you like about it?

My mum always said I’d be a great teacher because I’m bossy. I’ve always loved the English language and I became a teacher 14 years ago. I’ve taught in Bolivia, Poland, China, Italy, Russia, France, Egypt and I’ve been at PLC for 4 years.

I love my job! I like creating my own materials. It’s very rewarding when students learn and start using the language naturally. I’ve learnt a lot from my students about their countries, which I find very interesting. I enjoy having fun in the class.

I’m passionate about the 2nd conditional. When I was doing my teaching course I needed to make up a lesson and then teach this grammar point. This is my favourite because the questions are such fun- ‘If you won £1,000,000, what would you do’; ‘If you saw a ghost, would you say hello?’; ‘If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be with?’.

Do you have any interesting stories about teaching?

In Bolivia we used to teach in the afternoons and evenings and I had a 7-9pm class. One evening a teacher phoned in to say she was sick and another teacher just didn’t turn up. I had to teach all three classes. They were different levels. I was rushing in and out of the three lessons all evening. The students didn’t mind though.

Altogether I lived abroad for 15 years and during that time I had many different experiences. These experiences include going into avalanche emergency on my birthday, a revolution, a flood, the assassination of a prime minister, waking up to find a gunman in my room, and jumping off a ship to land when the weather became very stormy!


By Lauren Suraci, ADOS at PLC


  1. engaged(adj.): if two people are engaged, they have formally agreed to get married
  2.  satisfying(adj.): making you feel pleased
  3. foundation(n.): the beginning part of building/developing something
  4. nail art(n.): interesting designs on nails(the hard surface at the end of your fingers)
  5.  spare time(n.): free time/time when you don’t work or study
  6.  bossy(adj.): always telling other people what to do
  7. rewarding(adj.): making you feel that you have done something well
  8. passionate(adj.): showing a strong feeling for a subject
  9.  to make up(pv.): to invent
  10.  to turn up(pv.): to arrive
  11.  avalanche(n.): a large amount of snow that falls off the side of a mountain
  12.  revolution(n.): a dramatic change in the way a country is governed, often involving violence or war
  13. flood(n.): covered in water
  14. assassination(n.): the killing of someone important or famous