TEG English is becoming ILC

International Language Centres (ILC) is the new name for TEG English

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Meet more of BLC’s great team – 11th July 2016

July 11th 2016


(Photo taken at BLC’s Halloween party last year)


Meet the reception team at BLC!

Lisbeth, Office Manager and Student Welfare Officer.

Hi, I’m Lis from Venezuela, in South America. I have lived in the UK for 8 years. Originally, I went to Bournemouth to study English and then I moved to Portsmouth University to study Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. In 2010 I started teaching Spanish at TEG Portsmouth and later English to different levels. I became a student administrator and in 2014 when the Bristol branch of TEG opened I moved to Bristol as the new office manager.
I love dancing, cooking, reading, watching horror movies and spending time with my family and friends. My favourite thing about living in England is exploring other cities and countries in Europe. I love experiencing new cultures, foods, traditions and meeting people from different countries. My favourite places in the UK are Durdle Door, near Weymouth, and Edinburgh castle. Although I am from South America and the food is very different, after some years in the UK my taste buds have adapted and now I really enjoy tomato soup and beans on toast with an egg on top.
I came as a student and had no plans to stay but the experience has changed my outlook on life and made me a better person and professional. I would recommend coming to the UK anyone, learning another language opens doors and could help you meet the love of life!
Considering the changes that are facing the UK and Europe at the moment, the exchange rate is strong and this has presented a great opportunity to anyone overseas. So why don’t you start a new adventure and come here and study with us?!Lis younglis big



Lucia, Administrator and Marketing Assistant.

I came to Bristol two years ago and fell in love with the city. First, I started to study General English and CAE at BLC and really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. After a few months I was given the opportunity to work here and jumped at the chance! That was over a year ago and it has been a great experience.
I love the variety of food in England, because I can always try different cuisines from around the world. I love having brunch on Sunday mornings and when the weather is good I love walking around the Harbour.
Bristol is very well connected so I can travel around to different cities and towns using the great public transport links. Recently, I visited Castle Combe which was like a fairy tale!IMG_5442IMG_5441
Ingrid, Administrator and Social Organiser.

I’m from the very south of Venezuela, where it’s always summer and it’s where Angel Falls is, the highest waterfall in the world.
I wasn’t sure what to expect before coming to England, but I knew the weather and people would be different. I have discovered another country that I love! The people in England are really sweet, open and curious about my home country. Bristol offers lots of variety. I have seen a lot of bands, street art and been to lots of festivals. I am the Social Organiser at BLC which is great because I get to discover new things with the students every week. Why don’t you join us tonight or next Friday and meet some friendly faces and enjoy Bristol with us!ingridingrid old