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Life as a TEG English Cardiff Student

October 31st 2017


Meet Hamza

Hamza is 29 and from Italy. He was our first student in TEG English Cardiff and has been studying there for almost 2 months. He is studying IELTS in our Daytime Classes.

Why choose Cardiff?

Studying English at TEG Cardiff was the best choice that I could have made. When I came to Cardiff at the beginning of August I started looking for English schools because I wanted to improve my English and start studying towards the IELTS exam. To be honest, the reason that I chose Cardiff as my destination was because my cousin lives there. Therefore, thanks to him everything was easier for me. I found the city really interesting and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to study English in the UK.

Although Cardiff is the capital of the Wales it is very different from other capital cities. The city is quite small but at the same time it is full of attractions. There are always a lot of events on as well as sports activities and for who love shopping the variety and quality of the shops are really good and all within walking distance of each other.

If Wales is considered the land of castles, then we could say that Cardiff is the city of castles. In my opinion, Cardiff Castle which is located within a beautiful park, at the heart of the capital is the best attraction that Cardiff has to offer.

The College

During my time here I have had the opportunity to meet students from a lot of different countries through the college’s social events. The best social event in my opinion was the pub night which took place every Thursday night. I really enjoyed those events because it was possible to practise English in a fun way and also learn a lot about different cultures. It was really interesting how our views were so different. And even though we did not agree on everything, in the end we accepted each other’s opinions and we respected them.

Studying IELTS at TEG Cardiff

Back to the IELTS course, I am really satisfied with how the lessons were structured. The way in which the teacher spoke was really clear. At the same time they used their natural accent which was really good for the understanding aspect. I spent a lot of time at the college outside of class time because I stayed behind to do my homework. I also spent time socializing with the students and staff.

Why TEG Cardiff?

I strongly believe that the way to learn a language is to be in a good place with nice people. In addition, a good teacher will definitely help you enjoy your time studying. Therefore, I consider myself lucky because I had an amazing experience meeting new people in a beautiful city. Last but not least, I found a really good school that I would definitely recommend!



Written by the lovely Hamza himself!