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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a zebra

July 28th 2016


If you have been to Southampton in the last week, you will have seen some strange goings on around the town and in the parks. Large, brightly coloured animals which look out of place from their usually African habitat. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about Zebras.  Zany zebras to be exact. 47 life size, beautifully decorated zebras throughout the city. They came parading through the city streets causing confusing looks from students and staff. But why are they here??

For 10 weeks during our lovely British summer the zebras will be tanning themselves under our very hot sun. A few years ago Rhinos invaded and stampeded through Southampton creating a great sense of community spirit. After these amazing statues were sold at auction and raised a lot of money to help Marwell’s conservation work with endangered wildlife, and to support communities in Kenya. So they have decided to have another invasion and this time it’s the zebras turn.


There is a zebra for everyone as the decorations on the zebra range from the Beatles to Bumble Bees, glitter mosaics to mini painted zebras.

These zebras are for the whole community to enjoy and admire. So if you want something to do this Saturday why not take a look at the beautiful zebras, which look totally out of place but have brightened up our green parks for the summer.

So why not pop across to our amazing city of Southampton this weekend and come and go on the zebra trail yourself and see for yourself that we have not gone crazy and we do, in fact have a red and yellow zebra in the park keeping an eye on reception and our school.

As you can see from the photos the juniors were very happy to find the zany zebras.IMG-20160722-WA0040