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Halloween Traditions in the UK

October 24th 2017


Halloween in the uk

Do you enjoy scaring people? Do you enjoy wearing a costume or fancy dress? Well, Halloween is the festival for you.


Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve happens once a year on the 31st of October. It was first celebrated by the Ancient Celts as a festival called Samhain to mark the end of summer and the beginning of Winter. They believed that if they lit a fire, it would ward off evil spirits. When the Roman conquered England, they kept the festival, but added their traditions such as apple bobbing, which is removing apples floating in water only using your mouth but not your hands.

After the Romans left, England became a Christian country, bringing with it the festival of ‘All Hallow’s Day,’ also known as ‘All Saint’s Day’ on the 1st of November. We now celebrate the evening before and call this Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve.

Halloween Traditions

On the week leading up to the 31st of October we decorate our houses to become scary, haunted places, with skeletons hiding in every closet and spiders ready to attack. We carve out the middle of a pumpkin, put a scary face on it with a candle inside and place it outside our door to scare our neighbours.


Trick or Treat?

You will also see children walking the streets in frightening costumes, from witches to dead celebrities. They go to a neighbour’s house, ring the bell and when the door opens, say ‘Trick or treat’. The neighbour will then give them sweets and candy and if they don’t, the children can trick them.
We also eat toffee apples. An easy recipe to make these delicious treats is to put apples on sticks and make a toffee sauce. To do this you put sugar, golden syrup and water into a pan and boil. Once boiled, dip in the apples and leave somewhere to cool.

Toffee Apples

Halloween Parties

We love celebrating Halloween with our friends and family. We eat lots of food and try to scare each other with ghost stories. Why not join your friends at your TEG English social party and try to scare your friends with your best ghost story?

Southampton Halloween


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