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Five ways learning English can improve your career

January 15th 2019

TEG English

Everyone has their own reasons for learning languages, but we have found that work and career are top of the list for most of our students. Speaking fluent English can improve your career in more ways than one! Read on to see our top five…

1. Make a great first impression

Whenever you apply for a new job, you will need an up-to-date CV with the details of your education, professional experience, and relevant skills. Some workplaces also ask for an application letter, in which candidates explain why they are right for the job (also called a Cover Letter). If you’re one of our current students and you would like some help with editing or spell-checking, come to Reception and arrange a free 30-minute language clinic with one of the teachers!

2. Perfect your job interview answers

Once your CV and application letter are ready, you can start applying for the job of your dreams. And if everything goes well, the next step is a job interview. It can be a little scary to do it in English for the first time, but our general English lessons and communication skills classes often include mock interviews, which means you can practise answering typical job interview questions in a friendly atmosphere. Ask your teachers for advice about the dress code, body language and other dos and don’ts of job interviews – we’re here to help you prepare!

3. Speak the language of international business

For better or worse, English is the language of global business and you are likely to need it if you work for a big company anywhere in the world, not only in the UK! The expressions and style used for communication in business are not always the same as the language used in exams or everyday chats, so we now offer Business English Skills classes in all branches of TEG English. You can also improve your career by revising business vocabulary on business news sites, such as BBC News.

4. Network and build contacts

Your job might take you to other countries – you may travel to fairs, conferences, shows and other events. Wherever you go, it’s a good idea to brush up on travel vocabulary and to role-play meeting new people from around the world. English classes in a language school such as TEG are the first step towards making international friends and communicating in English across different cultures and backgrounds. It’s the networking practice you will need in your professional life.

5. Socialise!

But speaking in English isn’t limited just to business! If you find a job in a British company, you will quickly learn that office birthdays, staff outings, Christmas parties and Friday drinks with your colleagues are often part and parcel of your work life. If you know what to say and do (or not to do!) in these situations, you will feel much more at home in your new job, so it’s worth learning about the culture, customs, and cuisine of the UK and other English-speaking countries in your English classes. You can then practise what you’ve learnt over coffee or dinner with other students and staff – in our social programme there is something for everybody!

Are there any other ways that English can improve your Career? Tell us about it in the comments, or get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram!