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Essential Cambridge Exam Tips

March 5th 2018


Cambridge Exam Centre

Authorised exam centre logo Are you doing a Cambridge English Examination in March? Exam nerves getting you down? Alina, Manager at our Cambridge Exam Centre in Portsmouth, has put together some useful exam tips to help you before and on the day of your examination.



Pack your bag

Why don’t you pack your essential items before you go to bed? This includes your passport or national ID, pen, pencil, eraser, a packed lunch and the very essential snack.

Set your alarm

Worried you won’t wake up in time? Set two alarms! One on your phone and one on your radio.


Make sure you relax before you go to bed. Read a book, watch TV, listen to music – make sure it is not connected to your exam!


Be on time

Make sure you wake up and come for your exam on time (no pyjamas please!). Plan your journey to the centre and do not get stressed when you get lost. Do you have a map? Is your phone fully charged? You can use the GPS!

Have a nutritious breakfast

Eat fruits, protein (eggs or meat) and make sure you drink water, but not too much. You do not want to spend a half of your exam in a toilet. You will also need a nutritious snack, which aids concentration for the breaks between exams. Why don’t you choose things like nuts or high protein bars?

Be calm and relaxed

Avoid speaking to nervous candidates. Focus on yourself and do not get distracted by other candidates. Be confident and ready for a challenge. To do well on the exam you should try to develop a positive attitude, which can be done with the right preparation for the exam.

Follow instructions

Focus on the instruction given by your invigilator. Ensure that you transfer the answers to the answer sheets or booklets. Any problems with the instructions? Please raise your hand and tell the invigilator immediately.

Use the time wisely

Read the questions two or three times before your answer the question. Start with the questions you know the answers to and focus on the part of the exam, which will give you the most points/marks.  Some questions may catch you off guard but try not to leave a blank page or space.  Each unanswered question will give you no marks.


After the exam it is a good idea to have a discussion with your friends about the test after you have left the Exam Centre.  You may choose to reward yourself; go out and treat yourself. A strawberry ice-cream is my personal favourite!

Tips for the individual parts of the Cambridge Exams (Reading + UOE, Writing, Listening and Speaking) are available at TEG English!