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Learning to Teach English- Why take the CELTA teacher training course?

May 1st 2018


Why Take CELTA?

Wanting to get into the world of TEFL but have no idea what qualification to take? Let us show you why the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) from Cambridge is the best qualification to take.


Why should I take the CELTA course?

First of all, globally, it is the most recognised TEFL course.  In an incredibly short amount of time, you will learn a lot.  The course will give you the necessary knowledge and the practical teaching experience you need to become an excellent English teacher.  As a result of all your hard work, you will finish with a prestigious qualification which will open up a whole new world for you.

If this is not enough reasons, try these:

  • All British Council accredited schools ask for teachers to have at least a CELTA qualification (or equivalent).
  • You are likely to get a better salary if you are CELTA qualified.
  • And, most importantly, the CELTA gives you what weekend, online courses can’t – TEACHING PRACTICE!

CELTA will give you an extensive amount of skills that you just cannot get in a weekend, online course.

5 skills the CELTA course can give you

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  1. Understanding the students

This area of the course helps you to understand the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the students and how these can affect their learning.  This will also include different learning styles and preferences of the students.

  1. The English language

In the ‘language analysis and awareness’ part of the course, you will become familiar with the particular terminology used in teaching English  and will then apply this to your planning and teaching.  As part of the course, you need to demonstrate that you have acquired a good knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in order to be able to teach it.

  1. Language skills

You will learn the basic ideas of reading, listening, speaking and writing and be able to apply these to your teaching.  Understanding approaches to texts vary depending on the purpose is something you will use in the classroom.

  1. Planning

In order to teach an effective lesson, you need to ensure you know the purposes and principles of effective planning.  Not all lessons are the same, so you need to know your students and choose the kinds of lessons and materials which are appropriate for them.  You will also learn how to evaluate your lesson and the preparation to be able to reflect on it for future planning.

  1. The lessons

At the end of this part of the course, you will be able to organise the layout of your classroom and also be able to pair and group students effectively depending on the class you have and the activity you’re doing.  You will be able to choose and use a variety of resources and materials to ensure your lesson is enjoyable as well as educational.  When teaching, you’ll have strong and weak students in your class.  It is a skill to be able to involve them in the lessons and make sure they fell they are progressing.

5 Extra benefits of doing the CELTA

  1. Confidence

It’s not easy to walk into a classroom with all eyes on you and students relying on you to help them fulfil their dreams of learning English.  Doing a CELTA course will give you the necessary skills and know how to teach and help students progress confidently.

  1. The world’s your oyster

People all over the world want to learn English.  Children, teenagers and adults need this language for business, studies, work, travel and some, just for interest.  As well as being a teacher, you’ll become a student learning culture and maybe a new language.

  1. A new career

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is an incredibly popular career choice nowadays.  There are many language schools in the UK, so if you don’t fancy jetting off to foreign climes, it’s possible to stay here.  It’s incredibly rewarding, enjoyable and educational work.

  1. Another string to your bow

Maybe you’re already a teacher, but want to brush up your skills or learn a different type of teaching.  By doing a CELTA course, you’ll see how challenging and different it is to teach English to non-native speakers.

  1. Learn your own language

I can speak English, so I can teach it, right? Unfortunately not.  You will need to learn the grammar and its terminology before you can teach it.  It’s fascinating to learn the nuts and bolts of our language.  Learning a new skill is always positive.  Even if you decide teaching English to foreigners is not your cup of tea or sake, there is still an awful lot you can get out of the course by learning different teaching techniques and becoming aware of how different people learn and the variety of challenges they face when learning English.

So, what’s stopping you? You’re on the threshold and you can either open the door to a whole new world or keep it closed and walk away.  Come and join the world of EFL.

Further information

If you are looking to do the CELTA and want further information, TEG Portsmouth run a CELTA Teacher Training Course Full-Time (4 weeks) and Part-Time 10 weeks) during the year. Check out our website or email us at for more details.