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Breaking the Ice in Bristol – 13.05.2016

May 13th 2016


It’s hard arriving in a new city and not understanding the language. You can hit the books and learn the grammar but until you know English idioms you might get the wrong end of the stick.

A good way to break the ice in the UK is to talk about the weather. Come rain or shine British people talk about the weather, and so do the visitors. As we know it can rain cats and dogs, but spring has now arrived in Bristol and we are enjoying time in the parks and pub gardens with our new friends, so every cloud has a silver lining.
Socialising is another important part of British culture, so come out of your shell and transform into a social butterfly. Who knows, you might fall head over heels for someone new. If someone chats you up and invites you on a date, you could be asked to go Dutch, but this doesn’t mean you have to book a flight; this just means split the bill and pay half.
We hope that with our social programme and idioms, you’ll soon be on cloud 9 here in Bristol. So why not throw caution to the wind and come and practise with us one Friday?!

You can find our weekly social programme on our social media pages.


Break a leg!

What does it all mean?

Hit the books – Study
Get the wrong end of the stick – Misunderstand
Break the ice – Break social awkwardness in introductions
Come rain or shine – Without fail
Rain cats and dogs – Rain heavily
Every cloud has a silver lining – Something positive always comes from something negative.
Come out of your shell – Be less shy and more confident
Social butterfly – A sociable person
Fall head over heels – Fall in love
Chat up – Talk flirtatiously
Go Dutch – Split the bill
Be on cloud 9 – Be very happy
Throw caution to the wind – Take a chance