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5 Ways to Improve Your Note Taking

October 3rd 2017


Top Tips for Taking Notes

Note Taking is a very important part of learning English. On your English Course, a tidy and well organised notebook will help you remember all the information you learn. It will also make revising a lot easier, especially if you are doing a course such an IELTS.

Here are five great tips from TEG English Bristol to help you improve the way you write down important information during lessons.

Categorise your notes

Categorize your notes so they are easier to find.

Don’t write down everything you hear on one page. Try to divide your notebook into sections and topics. One for adjectives, one for grammatical rules, one for idioms, etc. This will make it much easier to find the information when you need it.

Use full Sentences for your notes

Write down new vocabulary in a full sentence.

When you hear a new word, most students ask the teacher what it means and then write just the word in their notebook. The problem is that when they look at their notes they have forgotten what this word means and they need a dictionary to search for the meaning. If you write the new word in a sentence, it will be more memorable and if you forget what it means, you might be able to remember from the context.

Colour Code your Notes

Colour-code your notes.

This is very useful when you want to emphasize the different types of vocabulary or even to write down grammatical structures more clearly.

Give yourself space between your notes

Give yourself space.

When you write things down, always give yourself a bit of space around the note. Often, you will want to add extra information or make corrections later on. This will keep things a little tidier.

Revise from your notes


Most students write things down in their notebooks and then never look at them again! Try to create little flash cards with missing words. You can keep these with you and revise on the go!

We hope you find these simple tips useful and that you will put them to good use while you study at TEG English.