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10 Love Idioms in English

February 14th 2019

TEG English

Love is one of the most beautiful and exciting emotions that we can experience. However, love isn’t the easiest of emotions to describe, especially when you want to do this in another language. Today is Valentine’s Day and to help you, TEG English has decided that this is the perfect time to learn some useful English idioms about love.

Below, we will introduce some of the most common love idioms:

1. Be an item

(to have a relationship)

  • I saw Tom and Hannah holding hands at the party last night. Are they an item?

2. Be lovey-dovey

(being affectionate in public)

  • Some people are always lovey-dovey, but I’m too embarrassed to even hug my husband in public.

3. Fix somebody up with somebody

(find a partner for somebody)

  • Tony tried to fix me up with his older brother, but I don’t like blind dates.

4. Kiss and make up

(to resolve differences after arguing)

  • Chris apologised to his wife and they finally kissed and made up.

5. Love at first sight

(falling in love with somebody the first time you lay your eyes on them)

  • It was love at first sight and he proposed to me five months later.

6. Love is blind / be blinded by love

(when you love someone and you can’t see their flaws)

  • All my friends hated her, but I was blinded by love and thought she was perfect.

7. Match made in heaven

(a relationship in which the two people are great together)

  • Mark and Maria are a match made in heaven! They are so suited for each other as they love the same things.

8. To have eyes only for

(to be attracted only to one person)

  • He stopped going out with his friends because he now has eyes only for her.

9. To go steady with someone

(to have a relationship for a long period of time)

  • She’s been going steady with Mike for six months. I wonder when they’ll get married.

10. Tie the knot

(to get married)

  • After the age of 27, all my friends started to tie the knot and then to have children

We hope the above idioms have brightened up your day and you will soon be able to use them. Do you know any more love idioms that we could add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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