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Why study English in the UK?

Why it’s a good idea to study English in the UK? Have you ever wondered why people want to learn English? Well, English is a universal language, it is the official language in over 80 countries and the most...

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Introducing – TEG English Birmingham!

Have you heard the news? TEG English have some exciting news to announce – we are opening a new branch in … Birmingham!  ...

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Summer at TEG English

Are you coming to the UK this summer? Want to learn English with TEG English? Here is what you should expect to find! Weather...

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Learn English with TEG English Online Lessons

We all have very busy lives – studying, building a career, having a family…and finding the time to learn English is sometimes impossible. Not...

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Skills with TEG English | How to write an informal email to a friend in English

Writing is an important skill to develop. Knowing how to write an informal email or a letter is very useful as it’s a really...

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Skills with TEG English | How to write a formal email in English

How many times have you stared at your computer screen trying to figure out how to start this email you want to send? What...

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English Grammar with TEG English | Definite And Indefinite Articles

Definite? Indefinite? Zero? What’s wrong with this sentence? “The Bristol is the kindest city in the UK.”* You guessed it – there are too...

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Learn English Fast With English Plus Courses

Are you looking for something a little different from your study holiday? Want to learn English fast and have a fun experience too? How...

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10 Love Idioms in English

Love is one of the most beautiful and exciting emotions that we can experience. However, love isn’t the easiest of emotions to describe, especially...

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FCE and CAE tips and tricks

Let’s face it, every time that you are looking for a job, English is always there as a main competence. You are good at...

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Five ways learning English can improve your career

Everyone has their own reasons for learning languages, but we have found that work and career are top of the list for most of...

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The Best Blogs for English Language Learning

Want to improve your English? Of course you do! Do you want to read in English? … err … well … yes but I...

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