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Top 10 fun things to do at home

Top 10 fun things to do at home Usually, our busy lives don’t allow us to do certain things, but the current situation gives us the opportunity to slow down and spend more time to do things we wouldn’t...

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Top 5 Websites to Learn English

Top 5 Websites to Learn English As a language learner, it can be difficult to know which websites are best to learn English. Don’t...

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Top 10 Christmas Traditions In The UK

What is Christmas? Before we start with our Top 10 Christmas traditions in the UK list, what does Christmas mean in the UK? Whether...

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Hidden Gems in Birmingham You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

From a dark, smoke filled industrial city powered by the Industrial Revolution into a green, vibrant, powerhouse of economy; Birmingham has changed a lot...

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English Tongue Twisters Challenge

Learning English is a long process. It can be difficult sometimes, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be boring! To show you...

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Best Places to Eat Burgers in Bristol

Bristol is known for its culinary culture.There is somewhere for all tastes and budgets, and the quality is great. If burgers are your thing,...

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Best Ways To Save Money In The UK

Managing your budget when travelling to another country can be tricky. But there are many ways to save money in the UK and keep...

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Why study English in the UK?

Why it’s a good idea to study English in the UK? Have you ever wondered why people want to learn English? Well, English is...

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Introducing – TEG English Birmingham!

Have you heard the news? TEG English have some exciting news to announce – we are opening a new branch in … Birmingham!  ...

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Summer at TEG English

Are you coming to the UK this summer? Want to learn English with TEG English? Here is what you should expect to find! Weather...

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Learn English with TEG English Online Lessons

We all have very busy lives – studying, building a career, having a family…and finding the time to learn English is sometimes impossible. Not...

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Skills with TEG English | How to write an informal email to a friend in English

Writing is an important skill to develop. Knowing how to write an informal email or a letter is very useful as it’s a really...

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