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This class covers all aspects of General English study including speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation. The lessons are challenging, varied and enjoyable. Our Teachers are chosen for their dedication and enthusiasm. This course provides a good mix of everything to improve your confidence and ability in English. These classes are ideal for students who are permitted to work during the day or prefer to study in the evenings.

Course Facts

  • Course times
    18.00-21.00 Mondays & Wednesdays
    (includes a 15-minute breaks from 19.30-19.45)
  • Hours per week
  • Price per week
    £55 for 2 - 4 weeks or
    £45 for 5+
    £30 Daily rate (for students who can only study 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week – subject to availability)
  • 10% Discount when paying for the whole course.
  • Start Course
    Any time
    (Enrolment is ongoing)
  • 2019 Course Dates
    14 Jan – 17 April 2019 (14 weeks)
    29 April – 19 June 2019 (8 weeks)
    1 July – 21 August 2019 (8 weeks)
    9 Sept – 11 December 2019 (14 weeks)
  • Maximum number of students per class
  • Average number of students per class
  • Levels usually available
    Elementary (A1*)
    Pre-intermediate (A2*)
    Intermediate (B1*)
    (for higher level students, we recommend they take a Cambridge Exam Preparation course)
  • Age of students
    (but typical student age is 21-35)
  • Enrolment Fee
    £60 for all new students
    (Includes first Coursebook)
  • Part-time study available?
    (Subject to availability. Please contact us)
  • Coursebook used?
    (Approx. 50% of the time. A new book needs to be bought every 3 months)

*Common European Framework of Refrence (CEFR)

Course Information

At TEG Language Colleges, we use a mixture of modern and traditional methods of language teaching to help you learn quickly. We place particular emphasis on good vocabulary and provide the speaking practice that you need to survive and improve your life either here in England or anywhere in the world.

Course fees include:

  • Computerised Placement test & Spoken Interview to determine your level before you enrol in a class.
  • Regular tests, reports and advice from your teacher.
  • Full academic Report showing what you have achieved.
  • Certificate of Course Completion with CEFR grading.
  • Student Card for discounts to selected shops and services.
  • Access to DVD and book library.
  • Access to Wi-Fi and I.T. Area.
  • FREE SIM cards and city maps.
  • FREE tea and coffee in the Student Kitchen.
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