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The Tompkins Educational Group (TEG) provides predominantly English language courses to overseas students. We also run lessons in other languages, such as Spanish and French, in all our branches. We currently have 4 branches in the south of England all offering excellent English lessons at good value for money.


TEG Portsmouth building

TEG Portsmouth

TEG Portsmouth is a high quality and friendly language school in the centre of the coastal city of Portsmouth, England. Our Portsmouth school specialises in English courses to overseas students, but we also run French, Spanish and other language classes.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality language services at a price that is the best value in the UK and beyond. We also aim to provide a first class social and leisure experience, as well as an educational one.

Introducing Portsmouth
TEG Southampton building

TEG Southampton

Situated in the city centre, opposite the central park, TEG Southampton specialises in English Language Courses for all nationalities and levels. Our prices are affordable and the college runs a fun social programme with many different activities. TEG Southampton is accredited by the British Council.

TEG Southampton is not just a School of English. We also run French and Spanish courses at different levels.

Introducing Southampton
TEG Winchester building

TEG Winchester

TEG Winchester is a branch of the Tompkins Educational Group (TEG). Situated in the centre of the city, we offer excellent English language courses at different levels at a fair price, as well as a regular leisure programme. Our language school is the perfect place to study English for either a short or long course.

TEG Winchester is on Southgate Street and only 2 minutes' walk from the city centre. Our language school is in a classic Georgian-style listed building on a busy street close to the University of Winchester's halls of residence.

Introducing Winchester
TEG Bristol building

TEG Bristol

TEG Bristol is the newest branch of the Tompkins Educational Group (TEG). Together with our other British Council accredited schools in Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester, we offer excellent English language courses at a fair price, as well as a regular leisure programme

TEG Bristol is primarily a School of English, but we also run French, Spanish and other language courses at different levels.

Introducing Bristol

A comfortable building with excellent teachers. The methodology, lessons and resources are all really good.

Quote written by Fabio of Italy Fabio from Italy

I like TEG Portsmouth because it is very well organised and the teachers explain everything clearly and make it easy to understand. I love the teaching style!

Quote written by Monica of Portugal Monica from Portugal

I'm really enjoying my classes at TEG Portsmouth. Since I've been here, I can really see how my English has improved.

Quote written by Ilke Polat of Germany Ilke Polat from Germany

I have had an awesome experience at TEG Southampton. People here treat you like family, from the teachers to the Reception staff. I am so grateful for all the learning...

Quote written by Ivonne of Venezuela Ivonne from Venezuela

The teachers and staff are very friendly. You will feel at home in this school!

Quote written by Olga of Spain Olga from Spain